Environmental Research and Management Studies

At CZR, we specialize in environmental research and management studies. Our expertise lies in developing wetland management plans for created or restored wetlands, as permitted for mitigation. Currently, we are actively involved in numerous wetland monitoring and maintenance projects across the southeastern United States. In accordance with regulations set by federal, state, and local regulatory agencies, wetlands constructed under permits must undergo regular monitoring. Our team ensures that these wetlands remain free of exotic species and provide successful establishment of a functioning wetland plant and animal community. We meticulously document our findings through field inspections, which include photographic logs, detailed descriptions of vegetative cover, assessment of overall survivability, identification of exotics and infestations,  evaluation of wildlife usage, and obtaining agency sign-off releases. Furthermore, we are well-equipped to conduct wetland analyses and monitoring for projects involving groundwater drawdowns and rehydration. With our comprehensive approach and commitment to environmental sustainability, CZR is the ideal choice for all your wetland management needs.